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The fully automated real estate agent

How to unlock both time and money by putting your business on autopilot. By Liam Swords.

Hi my name is Liam Swords, I am a registered Real Estate Agent here in Ottawa, Canada.

As my business grew - so did the amount of administrative work. In order to reclaim my time and focus on high value activities I began creating workflows and automating more and more daily tasks.

My business now runs on autopilot, and with these extra hours recovered in my calendar I hosted workshops to teach other Real Estate Agents how to leverage technology and automate their business. These tactics and technology tips are now available in my new book - The Fully Automated Real Estate Agent.

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I had the opportunity to attend one of Liam's workshops on automating tasks and applied his strategies. I cut down on time spent by automating my calendar and time spend booking appointments. What a gamechanger!

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